John began playing drums at the age of 9 at the famous ‘Drums Only’ in Vancouver, B.C., later studied under Tommy William Hanson (a great Moeller advocate), and was part of Pacific Blue/Drifters Drum Corps.

A true rock musician, John has been in rock bands since he was 11 years old. As a direct result of his dedication to the craft and skill level he has achieved, he has been part of some of Canada's best loved bands including; 'Dangerous' (Brian “Too Loud” McCloud, Mike Reno and Scott Smith), 'Trooper', 'Suzanne Gitzi', 'Wickham Porteous', 'Tim Lawson', 'David Gogo', 'Melanie Dekker', 'Taylor James', 'Leslie Alexander', 'Paul Laine', and has also held the drum chair position at the famous 'Roxy' nightclub in Vancouver for 11 years, with Joe’s Garage.

Sharing the stage with with Max Webster, Kim Mitchell, Alana Miles, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Frozen Ghost, Regatta, April Wine, Zappacosta, Prism, Honeymoon Suite and Hedley et al., John has been a regular on the Canadian Touring Circuit.

Previously a Pacific Drum Centre Instructor, John is currently writing and performing with in the Country-Rock band 'Darkhorse', and teaching his Outboard and Crash classes.


  • John uses:
  • Paiste Cymbals
  • 1987 Gretsch Drums 20 8 10 12 14 16 (maple)
  • 1998 Ludwig Piccolo Snare (maple)
  • 1979 Ludwig Supraphonic Snare (metal)
  • 1970 Premier 2000 14x5 (metal)
  • 1950 Slingerland Radio King 14x7 (maple)


  • Rock - Beatles, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rush
  • Fusion - Billy Cobham, UK, Allan Holdsworth, Jean Luc Ponty
  • Country - Keith Urban, Brad Paisley


  • Chasing The Angels - Mike Reno (Iron Eagle II soundtrack)
  • Trooper - Ten
  • Wyckham Porteous - Sexanddrinking (percussion)
  • Tim Lawson - The Right Way On (percussion) & Please No Talking
  • Dark Horse - Let it Ride
  • Countless other local artists. 

Outboard Drum Classes

Don’t have extra time to travel?  Want to save on fuel expenses? Learn to drum in the comfort of your own home, where John will come to you! John is currently offering a number of different classes, if you require something specific please drop us a line.



$35 per 30 minutes / $60 per 1 hour. Special offer: on initial sign up, pay for 4 one hour lessons and receive a 5th lesson free of charge.

Outboard Drum Classes

  • John will come to you! Teaching beginner and intermediate students.
  • Rudiments of music theory, stick control and drumming patterns.
  • Presently servicing North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby.

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  • John is available for studio sessions.
  • MIDI drum tracks coming soon.

Please email for availability.

Crash Course

  • $120. per 2 hour class.
  • Teaching beginner and intermediate students.
  • Crash Course includes everything from drum kit set up and maintenance to arm & wrist care and basic notation reading.
  • Crash Course can accomodate any age. Giving a drum kit for a gift? Give a Professional Crash Course with it!

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Want to give a Crash Course as a Gift? Drop us a line to book now!